Hunedoara Salasu de Sus district

Salasu de Sus is a district (cartier) in the city of Hunedoara, Romania. It is located in the western part of the city, close to the banks of the River Mures. The district has a long history stretching back to the 14th century when it was first mentioned as a small settlement. It has since grown to become an important residential and commercial center in the city, with a population of around 3,000 people. The area is home to the Hunedoara Castle and the remains of the old fortifications, which are now tourist attractions. The district also boasts a number of restaurants, bars, and shops.

1. Explore the Local Attractions: Located in Transylvania, Salasu de Sus is within easy reach of some of the area’s top attractions. Explore Bran Castle and the many other castles spread throughout the region. If you love nature and history, the Hunyad Castle and the surrounding landscape are full of stunning beauty. Salasu de Sus has the second-largest thermal springs in the region, with natural hot water and health spas. The Corvin Castle and sun-soaked beaches are also within easy reach.

2. Enjoy Local Cuisine: You’ll find a variety of Romanian and Hungarian restaurants in Salasu de Sus, as well as some traditional Transylvanian dishes. Local specialties include grilled meats, creamy soups, smoked sausages and slow-cooked stews.

3. Hike in the Surrounding Landscape: One of the best things to do in Salasu de Sus is hike in the surrounding area. From villages like Sipca and Vilovic, to the forests and rolling hills of the Carpathian Mountains, there’s plenty of outdoor adventure just waiting to be explored.

4. Visit Local Markets: Experience local life in Salasu de Sus by taking a stroll through its buzzing markets. Whether it’s the weekly Farmer’s Market, or the abundance of street vendors that set up shop each day, you’re sure to find plenty of souvenirs, snacks and produce.

5. Try the Local Wine: Salasu de Sus is home to some of Romania’s most renowned wineries. Head to a local wine house and sample some of their delicious blends, made from grapes grown in the region. From mineral-rich reds to sweet whites, you’ll find the perfect bottle to enjoy with the local cuisine.

Salasu de Sus is a commune in Hunedoara County, Romania. It is composed of three villages: Pui, Salasu de Jos, and Salasu de Sus. It is located in the region of Transylvania. The economy of the commune is based on agriculture, forestry, and services. The commune is home to the 14th century Pui Castle, a popular tourist attraction. The commune is also known for its traditional Romanian crafts, including pottery and furniture-making. The local village pub and restaurants serve traditional Romanian foods.

The Salasu de Sus district is located within the Hunedoara County of Romania. It is bordered by Salasu de Sus and Titu communes to the north; Nagygalgóc to the east; Lupșa to the south and Bunești and popești communes to the west. The administrative headquarters of the district is the town of Întorsura Buzăului located near the middle of the district. The district covers an area of 229.6 square kilometres and consists of six communes (Întorsura Buzăului, Bunești, Bucinișu, Lazuri, Salasu de Sus and Titu) and a total population of 11,824 people (as of 2011).

The best way to get to Hunedoara Salasu de Sus district is by car. You can take a bus from cities such as Arad, Timisoara, or Cluj-Napoca and then take a taxi or rent a car from the nearest city to get to the destination. Alternatively, you can also take the train from major cities to a location close to Hunedoara, and then take a taxi or rental car to finish your journey.

1. the Salasu de Sus Fortress: The fortress is a ruined medieval castle that was built around the 13th century by the Hungarian kings and is situated on top of a hill. It was destroyed and rebuilt at various times until 1849, when it was completely abandoned and forgotten. The castle is now in a state of disrepair but it still stands and contains certain well-preserved structures such as the chapel, palatine, dungeon, staircase, and parts of the walls.

2. the Ethnographic Museum: This museum located in Salasu de Sus is a repository of local folk artifacts, including pottery, traditional costumes, furniture, tools, and paintings. It provides a glimpse into the culture and history of the region and its people.

3. the Memory Courtyard: This courtyard is home to a collection of monuments dedicated to the victims of the two World Wars, as well as a monument to the founders of the City of Salasu de Sus. It is also a popular spot for leisurely strolls and family gatherings.

4. Cioclovina Alexandru Church: This church was built in 1763 and contains beautiful architectural details, including a bell tower and various paintings. The church is a popular attraction for both locals and visitors alike.

5. Salasu de Sus Railway Station: This railway station was built in the late 1800s and is accessed by a nearby road. It is a popular attraction for visitors who come to admire its unique architecture.

1. Parcul Golf Salasu de Sus
2. Castelul Corvinilor
3. Prund Ponorului Caves
4. Fundătura Bogașești
5. Pata lui Gheorghe Museum
6. Viile Lelese
7. Salasu de Sus Fortress Ruins
8. Cheile Secișei
9. Rezervația de Tufișuri Răchițești
10. Telechiu Monastery

Want to experience the best of Hunedoara Salasu de Sus? The district has much to offer for those looking to explore the outdoors.

1. Exploring Transylvania: Not far from Hunedoara Salasu de Sus lies the picturesque Transylvania region. Take a journey through the iconic area and explore its many villages, castles, and old forts.

2. Hiking: The district is home to a number of hiking trails, which offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not take on the area’s highest peak?

3. Sightseeing: With its scenic countryside and legends of freedom, Hunedoara Salasu de Sus is packed with incredible historical sites, such as Parliment Square, the Museum of Monastery, and Colosalbes Monastery.

4. Horseback Riding: Take to the trails on horseback and explore the surrounding area. This is a great way to enjoy the countryside and take in all the natural wonders of the area.

5. Boating/Fishing: In the summer months, enjoy the stunning lake which is perfect for a spot of boating or fishing. The area is also home to a number of other rivers and streams, offering plenty of fishing opportunities.

6. Cycling: With an extensive network of cycling trails, and plenty of picture-perfect scenery to take in along the way, this is the perfect way to explore the area’s stunning natural environment.

7. Wine Tasting: Visit one of the area’s vineyards, savor their excellent selection of white and red wines, and enjoy a spot of lunch in the countryside.

8. Hot air Ballooning: Take the opportunity to admire the district’s beautiful scenery from up above with a hot air balloon ride.

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