Constanta Horia district

Constanta Horia is the most important district of Constanta County, Romania, located in the northwestern part of the county. It is the largest district by population and is made up of 7 villages and 15 communes, with a population of over 90,000 inhabitants. The district is bordered by the Black Sea to the east, the mountains to the west, and the Danube to the south. It is a vibrant and diverse area, with many cultural and natural attractions and a rich history dating back to the first century BC. The main attractions in the district are the fantastic beaches, the Black Sea, the Danube Delta and the golf courses. The main cultural landmarks include the ruins of the ancient city of Tomis and the Eiffel Tower replica, which was built to celebrate the city’s 2000th anniversary. The Agriculture, food manufacturing and tourism industries are major sources of income for the district. There are also several historical monuments in the area such as the ruins of the Byzantine Basilica and the ruins of the Ovidius Fortress. Constanta Horia has a thriving economy and is a popular tourist spot for visitors from all over the world.

1. Start by researching the Constanta Horia district. You can find out information about the area by reading its official website or by searching for articles and blog posts about the district.

2. Once you have a better understanding of the district, you can plan a visit to explore the area. It’s a great way to get to know a neighbourhood before you decide to live there.

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5. Meet some of the locals in the district and find out more about the area such as local customs and activities.

6. Visit some of the nearby attractions such as the Black Sea, beaches, churches and Cazinou Constanta.

7. Once you’ve explored the district and found out more about the local area, you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to move to the Constanta Horia district.
The Constanta Horia district is one of six administrative divisions of the city of Constanta in Romania. It is bordered by the Tomis Nord district to the north, Tomis Sud district to the east, Mihai Viteazu district to the south, and the Danube to the west. The district has an area of 9.36 sq km and a population of 7,902. Major landmarks in the district include the Constanta Citadel, Fortifications and Lighthouse, the City Hall, the Esmahan Sultan Mosque, the Romanian Orthodox Church, and the Ovidiu Square.

Constanta Horia district is located in the city of Constanta, Romania. It is bordered by Constanta Municipality to the north, and by the Eforie Nord and Eforie districts to the south. The district contains the large industrial port of Constanta, which is a major hub for Romania. It also contains the Touristic complex called “The Black Sea Coast”. The neighborhood is served by the Horia Station, the main railway station of Constanta.

If you are traveling by car, you can take E 70 (the European route connecting Constanta with Bucharest, passing through the Horia district). You can also take the public transit buses 192, 193 and 377, which pass through the area. Additionally, if you are taking a train, the CFR trains with station in Constanta offer regular service to Horia District.

1. Ovidiu Square – Located in the center of Constanta, this is a popular gathering place for locals, featuring popular restaurants and cafes. In the center of the square is an impressive bronze monument of the poet Ovid, dating back to 1898.

2. Siutghiol Lake – A large saltwater lake located just outside the city of Constanta, Siutghiol Lake is a popular spot to relax, swim, and enjoy the stunning views across the Black Sea. It is also a great place for birdwatching.

3. The Mosque of Constanta – This historic mosque, built in 1906, is the city’s oldest Islamic building. It stands in stark contrast to the surrounding buildings, with its beautiful arched windows, graceful columns, and elaborate decoration.

4. The Catholic Church of St. Andrei – Built in 1810, this church is the oldest operating Catholic place of worship in the city. It has an impressive Baroque façade and features a beautiful tile-lined dome.

5. The Tabacarie Park – This beautiful park, located in the heart of Constanta, is a popular spot to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet amongst its mature trees, vibrant flowers, and peaceful ponds.

1. The Archeology Museum of Constanta
2. The Aquarium of Constanta
3. The Natural Sciences Museum of Constanta
4. Architectural Monument The Statue of Trajan
5. Genovese Lighthouse
6. Mamut Beach
7. Genoese Chairs Park
8. The Mosque of Constanta
9. Saint Paul’s Cathedral
10. Archaeological Zone Adamclisi

Constanta’s Horia district is a great spot for tourists and locals alike, as it is located right on the Black Sea coastline and offers a variety of activities throughout the year.

Some of the popular attractions and activities include:

• Exploring the Tomis Harbor, a historic trading port.

• Visiting the Archaeology Museum to see remains from the ancient city of Tomis.

• Swimming in the clean waters of the Black Sea, or sunbathing on the long beaches.

• Hiking, biking and bird watching in the nearby Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.

• Shopping in the outdoor markets, or in the various shopping malls.

• Exploring the Old Town and learning about the area’s incredible history.

• Experiencing traditional events such as the Boat Festival, which is held every August.

• Trying local foods and tasting the region’s wines.

• Enjoying the nightlife at bars, clubs and beach parties.

• Taking a boat tour or renting a boat for a boat day trip.

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